Latest additions to the ever popular range of ABX models. Now with the option to have increased spindle capacity to 80mm diameter.

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80THY2 80SYY2
Machining capacity
Maximum work length SP1 125 mm 125 mm
SP2 125 mm
Maximum work diameter
for bar work SP1 80 mm Dia. 80 mm Dia.
SP2 ø51mm
for power chuck SP1 165 mm Dia. φ165mm
SP2 ø165mm
Number of spindles 2
Spindle speed SP1 50 – 2,750 min-1 50 – 2,750min-1
SP2 50 – 5,000 min-1
Inner diameter of draw tube SP1 82 mm Dia. 82 mm Dia.
SP2 φ52mm
Chucking system SP1, SP2 Hydraulic cylinder
Type of collet chuck SP1 S collet system
Type of Power chuck SP1 6″ Hydraulic chuck
SP2 6″ Hydraulic chuck
Number of turrets 3 2
Turret stations HD1, HD2, HD3 12 st.
Tool shank size HD1, HD2, HD3 20 mm Sq.
I.D tool hole size HD1, HD2, HD3 25 mm Dia. /40mm Dia.
Index time HD1, HD2, HD3 0.25 SEC/ 1POS
Rapid traverse rate HD1 X1 16 min-1
Z1 20 min-1
Y1 12 min-1
HD2 X2 16 min-1
Z2 30 min-1
Y2 12 min-1
HD3 X3 16 min-1
Z3 20 min-1
Y3 12 min-1
SP2 Zs 30 min-1
Revolving tool (Option)
Number of revolving tools HD1, HD2, HD3 12 (MAX.36) 12 (MAX.24)
Maximum spindle speed 6,000 min-1
Machining capacity Drilling MAX. 20 Dia.
Tapping MAX. M14×2
End mill MAX.φ16
Tank capacity
Hydraulic tank capacity 10 L
Lubricating tank capacity 4 L
Coolant tank capacity 400 L
Machine dimensions
Machine height 2,222 mm
Floor space 3,290 × 2,204 mm
Machine weight 11,350 Kg 10,600 Kg
Spindle motor SP1 AC 15/ 11 Kw
SP2 AC 7.5/5.5Kw
Revolving tool motor HD1, 2, 3 AC 4.5 Kw
Power supply
Voltage AC 200/ 220 V ± 10% 50/60Hz±1Hz
Capacity 49 KVA 48 KVA
Air supply 0.5 MPa (5 kgf/ cm2)
Fuse 150 A 150 A

Pneumatic, Spindle brake, Revolving tools and driving unit, Thermo revision, Splash guard interlock, High pressure coolant, Work ejector No2, Parts catcher (Servo type).

Optional accessories:

100V, Collet chuck system, 6″ Power chuck, Air blow, No.2 spindle inner high pressure coolant & air blow, Coolant level switch, Automatic power shut-off and extinguisher, Automatic power shut-off, Chip conveyor, Chip box, Parts carrier, Coolant mist collector, Blast-proof dumpers, Tool setter, Signal light (3 steps), Total & preset counter, Bar feeder interface, Filler tube, Spindle inner bushing, Drill breakage detector, etc.

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