Fixed Headstock Type CNC Automatic Lathe.

Equipped with twin Y axes and a B axis. New BNE series models: Improved superimposed machining

These four new BNE Series models, developed from the existing BNE range have inherited the characteristics of high rigidity and precision for which the BNE Series has been greatly praised. Made up of MYY models with a Y axis equipped to both upper and lower turrets, and MSB models that are also equipped with a B axis on the upper turret.

The cover has been completely redesigned with a large window to provide excellent visibility. It has also been equipped with a new HMI (Human Machine Interface). Use of a touch panel for ease of operation, and its use with the new NC units also improves productivity.

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Machining capacity
Max. machining length 195 mm
Max. machining diameter 51 mm dia. 65 mm dia.
Max. drilling diameter SP1 25 mm dia.
SP2 20 mm dia.
Max. tapping diameter SP1 M22 × 2.5
SP2 M20 × 2.0
Number of spindles 2
Main spindle speed SP1 & SP2 Max. 5,000 min-1
Main spindle collet chuck SP1 Hardinge S22 Hardinge S26
DIN 177E DIN 185E
SP2 Hardinge S22 Hardinge S26
DIN 177E DIN 185E
Power chuck type SP1 & SP2 6″ 3-claw chuck, 6″ 2-claw chuck
Travel distance
Slide travel distance X axis X1: 205 mm, X2: 205 mm, X3: 155 mm
Z axis Z1: 380 mm, Z2: 175 mm, Z3: 500 mm
Y axis Y1: +60/ – 40mm, Y2: ±40 mm
Tool posts
Number of tool posts 2
Type of tool post HD1 12 ST. 10 ST. 12 ST. 10 ST.
HD2 12 ST.
Dimensions of tools used 20 mm
Dimensions of tool post holes 25 mm dia.
Rotary tools
Number of installed rotary tools HD1 Max.12 Max.10 Max.12 Max.10
HD2 Max.12
Type of rotary tool drive Independent clutch drive
Rotating speed of rotary tools 6,000 min-1
Machining capacities Drill 16 mm dia.
Tap M12 × 1.75
B axis (MSB only) Drill 10 mm dia.
Tap M6 × 1.0
Max. M8×1.25 for BSBM
Feed rate
Rapid feed rate X1, Z1, X3, Z3 axes 20 m/ min
X2, Z2 axes 18 m/ min
Y1, Y2 axes 12 m/ min
Slide thrust
X1, Z1, X3 axes 8.5 KN
X2 axis 11.3 KN
Z2, Y1 axes 6.6 KN
Z3 axis 5 KN
Y2 axis 5.8 KN
Spindle motor SP1 18.5/ 15 kW (30min./ cont.)
SP2 11/ 7.5 kW (15min./ cont.)
Rotary tools motor SP1 & SP2 4.0 kW
Required power source
Power supply AC 200 ± 10%
Power supply capacity 47 KVA
Air pressure source 0.5 MPa
Air pressure flowrate 120 NL/min. (When using air blower for 1 sec. in 3 locations)
Tank capacity
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 18 L
Lubricating oil tank capacity 5 L
Coolant tank capacity 350 L
Machine dimensions
Machine height 2,070 mm
Floor space W 2,860 × D 2,190 mm
Machine weight 8,080 kg 8,130 kg

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